The Müller-Möhl Group was established by Carolina Müller-Möhl in 2000 and is the family’s single-family office. The Müller-Möhl Group is primarily active in asset management.



The group pursues a long-term strategy for investments with a risk–return profile that is optimized for its goals. It strives for diversification both in respect to its breadth and within each asset class. The group accordingly follows an active approach at the global level, making traditional and alternative investments.

Our Team

Carolina Müller‑Möhl

President of the Board of Directors
Carolina Müller-Möhl is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and committed mandate holder who is the founder and president of the Müller-Möhl Group and the Müller-Möhl Foundation. She has successfully managed the family's investments for more than twenty years.
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Felix Ehrat

Member of the Board of Directors
Dr. iur., LLM, Rechtsanwalt
Felix Ehrat has been a member of the Müller-Möhl Group (MMG)’s board of directors since 2003, the single-family office of the Müller-Möhl family. He has significant experience as chairman and board member of listed and non-listed companies in Switzerland and abroad.
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Alex Vukajlovic

Member of the Board of Directors
Alex Vukajlovic has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Müller-Möhl Group since 2018. He has more than 25 years of wealth and investment management experience and serves as an advisor to a number of large European families. He is is founder, CEO and active partner of Cape Capital AG since its formation in 2002.
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Sandro Fröhlich

Sandro Fröhlich has more than 25 years of international capital market experience and extensive expertise in all asset classes. Sandro joined us in July 2022 and is responsible for the overall asset management activities of the Müller-Möhl family.
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Daniel Schäfli

Daniel Schäfli has more than thirty years of banking and investment experience and in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects of all types of securities. He joined us in 2002 and is responsible for technical matters, compliance, and controlling operations.
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Jacqueline Zurgilgen

Executive Assistant
Jacqueline Zurgilgen is the office manager of the Müller-Möhl Group (MMG) and also acts as personal assistant to the owner, Carolina Müller-Möhl. She has more than thirty years of office management experience.
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